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Nikki 20 Sweden, loves music, painting, tv-shows and fashion.

Are struggling with depression, have days when I can't eat, other days when i binge/purege, and i recently i cut myself for the first time, and i can't control how i feel. but i also have good days when everything makes sense.

It’s sad to think what the state of rock and roll will be in twenty years. It’s already so rehashed and so plagiarized that it’s barely alive now. It’s disgusting. I don’t think it will be important any more. Kids don’t even care about rock and roll as much as they used to, as the other generations have. It’s already turned into nothing but a fashion statement and an identity for kids to use as a tool for them to fuck and have a social life. At that point, I can’t really see music as having any importance to a teenager, really.

—Kurt Cobain, 1992  (via death-eaters)

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Curse of the Fandoms

  • Doctor Who Fandom Curse: Knowing that at some point your Doctor will have to regenerate.
  • Supernatural Fandom Curse: Knowing that your Series will end.... and soon.
  • Avengers Fandom Curse: Knowing that Joss Whedon will likely kill a favorite character.
  • Twilight Fandom Curse: Knowing that you will never win a fight against another fandom.... ever.
  • Harry Potter Fandom Curse: Knowing that it will never be as good as the first time around.
  • Sherlock Fandom Curse: Knowing that after waiting forever you will probably only get three more episodes with a cliff hanger even worse than the previous one.
  • Glee Fandom Curse: The show
  • LOTR Fandom Curse: Lying abandoned and forgotten in a dark pit of Tumblr while waiting ten years for The Hobbit.
  • Hunger Games Fandom Curse: Knowing that your favorite character will either die, go insane, or never be seen again
  • Game of Thrones Fandom Curse: Knowing that every one will die. That's it. Everyone dies.